Should I refrain from big toys?

So I have been into anal play long time, I can have 12″ level toys, so yes big stuff. But of course the Super O with aneros would be the ultimate goal. No luck yet. Think I also need to discipline myself more on kegels + reverse kegels. But I also wonder, should I refrain from the big toys? These must have some effect or not?
These days my sessions mostly start out with aneros > njoy pure wand > dildo stuff > maybe some more pure wand.
And while we are at questions, chastity I am also wearing to prevent penile stimulation, but it can be distracting? I guess getting a erection is a good sign when using aneros (although it might be because of the porn I’m watching). But it can be annoying/painfull.



  1. You seem to be very active during your sessions: several toy changes, wearing a chastity cage and watching porn.

    What I would try to do is to think of the search for super-O as a meditation and relaxation session. Without any accessories, without changing toys and in a quiet place, with my eyes closed and breathing deeply.

  2. Nothing in life that is worth anything is easy. Even if free it still takes work. I’m not trying to lecture you. You have said that nothing is working. It’s your approach, take it easy (relax) clear your mind and start from there.

    You say you can’t clear your mind. I say that you can and you have to apply that skill here with prostate play.

    Let me give you an example of my mind being clear. When my wife and I are playing my mind is clear and solely focused on the pleasure. I don’t think of my to do list, work, kid, bills, etc. All I think about is how good it feels and that is it.

    I’m sure you can do that.

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