1. I get this too. When everything starts building and building and really feeling amazing no matter how much I try to relax and fall into it, my abs and groin just fully bear down and clench to their full strength. When they do relax it happens so suddenly that the pleasure kinda drops away with it. It used to frustrate me but now I can get to that point fairly regularly every session so I try different things to relax. Haven’t found anything yet. Might try change position slightly next time to see if engaging the muscles used to switch can loosen the others.

  2. Next time you have a session record yourself and describe what you feel as you feel it. Wheb that urge tells you to clench say out loud “relax (name of self) and let it take you and carry on like that regardless if your successful at fighting off the urge. Next time you have a session play that recording back it actually really helps you to reinforce to yourself not fight it and go with it. Its really helped me and i managed to have my first HFO today it was amazing. Also what might help is to not have any expectations for your session and just take what comes and hopefully you will

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