Is EVERY male capable of achieving an orgasm through prostate stimulation alone?

About a year ago now, my lady suprised me with an Aneros Helix Syn. She had been doing a lot of research on the male prostate and learned that men can have much more intense orgasms through this form of stimulation. I began to inform myself about it and was completely sold on the idea.

She is such an amazing partner that she helped me the first time I went to use it. Unfortunately, despite all the prep and foreplay, I was unable to achieve an orgasm or ejaculation. Neither of us engaged in direct stimulation as I wanted to cum hands-free; letting the device with my contractions do all the work. The most I was able to get out of the experience was a very slight sense of pleasure from the site of the prostate and a LOT of precum…

After an hour, we decided to suspend the experiment and have sex. I left it inside me while I fucked her. Still, when I came inside her, the intensity of my orgasm/ejaculation was on par with our general sex routine.

My question is this… Are not all men able to successfully achieve a climactic experience this way? Or, does it require a lot more experimentation and experience?

We tried several times since with similar results. Any input or advice would be very welcome. Thanks! 😊



  1. Have you tried it by yourself? Although your partner and you are very close, it might not be any harm to try a session by yourself, just so you can totally concentrate on the tiny indications that might be overlooked when using with a partner. What I’m trying to say is there are little signals you might be missing when concentrating on their pleasure or shared pleasure. But if you pick up on some feelings alone and learn to build on them, you could recognise them in the future with your partner and think “Ah! Thats the small feeling I had before” and concentrate on it and help it grow. I’m no expert, but that’s what I would try! Best of luck!

  2. Sometimes it’s all about expectations. Wanting it too hard. I’ve been doing prostate play for a while now and I’ve learnt not to expect anything to happen. Sometimes that works best.

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