1. Progasm was my first. Works wonders. I am very much a passive user, in that I Lay on my side, knees and legs bent slightly, and relax. It gave me the most powerful sexual feeling Ive ever had. Brilliant toy, especially if you’re used to bigger toys or not feeling smaller ones.

  2. I’ve had 2 sessions with the Progasm. The first time I felt absolutely nothing. Even clenching my anus and doing kegels there was no sensation in my prostate.

    The second session was better. As soon as it was fully inserted and I clenched a few times I started getting what I guess are P waves. Even lying still and not moving anything I was feeling a consistent tingling sensation sort of like the beginning of an orgasm.

    It never got any more intense but was very pleasurable. I am going to continue with the hope the sensations gradually intensify to a HF orgasm and O gasm.

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