I just had one of my best sessions – but my aneros wasn’t even in…

So last night I smoked a joint and got super high. To combat the paranoia I laid in bed and meditated. Then I thought of something arousing and felt some involuntaries. Then I started contracting my sphincter and PC muscles. Instead of focusing on the arousing thoughts I focused on the feelings they produced. This turned into a cascade of good feelings that just took my breath away. I played with the balance of my contractions to try and hold in that sweet spot and that produced more good feelings.

I’ve posted here before about my helix being a little but painful/uncomfortable in my sphincter area maybe due to the fact that I tend to contract real hard. But this time since there was no aneros, I felt no pain/discomfort so I was able to concentrate fully on the good feelings instead of being distracted by the bad.

Even now as I sit here drinking my morning coffee I can get some nice sensations from contracting.

Can someone enlighten me as to what’s happening here?

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  1. You’re working the muscles and area that the Aneros stimulates. Playing with the Aneros makes these muscles stronger and as you become aware of them you can start getting Aneros like arousal without the Aneros. I can make myself and stay hard and if I’m horny enough can even leak precum by playing with my prostate them same way you did.

  2. Yall, the amount of times I’ve read the word “cascade” on these posts… I’d be rich!

  3. Aless! Some of my Aless sessions can be better than my aneros sessions. Kegels definitely help.

  4. I think you answered your own question. You are contracting real hard… which is way, way too hard. How about an experiment? Next time you smoke a joint I suggest you try inserting the aneros and **do nothing** but meditate/focus on your breathing and try to become aware of your inner body — in particular your rectum/prostate area. Don’t contract any of your muscles. You’d be amazed what you might sense.

    If enjoy that session, then try ultra light contractions (like a .5 on a scale of 0 – 10) in your next session. But start off with a good 10 minutes of nothing but breathing and relaxing.

    Like many others I suggest a quick cleanse before your session (and before smoking) as it makes the experience way better (in that you don’t need to worry about anything else).

  5. Wow, I had a session like you yesterday! Didn’t have the toy in but was relaxing, letting go and it just started to happen. Several times the sensations made me stir, the strength of them surprised and aroused me. And I think it was the same thing as you, not having anything inside meant that I just tuned directly into the feelings and there was no discomfort to distract me.

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