Got my first Aneros last week, best decision ever!

Bought an [MGX Trident]( the other day & was surprised to see that it’s about half the size of [this]( toy that i’ve been using since I started p-spot play a couple of years ago.

As soon as I chucked it in, instantly felt 10 times better! The other toy doesn’t even compare!

Haven’t managed to get there just yet but I definitely know that it won’t be long until it happens now. Just wish i’d decided to get an Aneros years ago…



  1. I want to second that. I’ve played with various things before. But got a Helix Syn two weeks ago. It’s amazing. I’ve had p waves and a run of dry o s. The aneros wiki is priceless in guiding you through what it is that’s happening. It’s an amazing journey of self discovery. I never knew my body was capable of this. I can’t wait for some alone time. I just had to pull it out at the last session for fear I would disturb the rest of the house and they’d call an ambulance. I’m going to try the program and Eupho trident next

  2. Holy shit!!!!! Youre gonna love it!!!!! Just had some super Os for the first time felt fucking amazing!!!! Ive had the aneros for a couple a months and nothing happened whasoever no pwaves nothing. But i changed the way i did it i smoke some weee put some whisper binaural beats as i inserted the aneros i began focusing on the toy dont expect anything to happen. If you focus on having a orgasm youll never get it you gotta focus on the sensations. As i waa focusing i felt a strange new feeling in my pelvic region i didnt focus on it again just enjoy the ride ans expect nothing DONT FOCUS ON GETTING A ORGASM. I felt my prostate pulsating rapidly and i felt waves of euphoria over my body and it went on for a while then i focused more and my prostate was going faster and faster and i felt mt heart pounding fast and hard (I got nervous cause it was a new sensation just ride it) ans then i felt these massive waves of pleasure as my
    Prostate is throbbing fast I started moaning out of no where (i couldn’t control it not bullshitting) and it felt so fucking good it is literally the alpha and omega of orgasms and I had them back to back. And i was doing this for 20 minutes and i got tired of all this pleasure so i edged my self until i couldn’t hold it anymore holy shit this felt like a normal orgasm x100. Smoking some weed helped a lot and binaural beats helped as well domt get frustrated if you dont get it, it will take practice remember dont focus on getting a orgasm other wisr you will never feel anything lef your body do its thing and enjoy the ride cause it will happen out of nowhere and youll moan like crazy and have the most insane pleasure in your life!!!!!!

    I read all of this. And it was all true. For me the key was light sustained pc contraction. And then feeling minute involuntary shivers. Putting the Helix in the spot where it felt tingly. And then it just amplified. My body started to behave like I was orgasming. Abdo muscles contracted, breathing changed, pelvis contracted, just no ejaculation, penis soft. First 30 minutes just relaxing. Then it took off. Amazing

  4. Try bending over the couch arm like you are getting fucked in the ass by a dude. I found that position to be magic for getting the ball rolling. One it has begun for me position doesn’t matter whatsoever.

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