Beginners luck with the MGX Trident

I got the MGX a few days ago. I have done prostate massages on myself with toys for a few years already. I have never had a prostate orgasm but loads of prostate fluid leaking out most of the time.
Anyway i wanted to try an aneros massager.
I tried it Saturday for an hour an a half no orgasm but felt nice. This afternoon i was tired and relaxed and thought i would lie in bed for an hour or two and put the mgx in to get accustomed to the feeling without any expectations, it felt good. I did some contractions while i was lying on my side. It felt really good after half an hour i was no longer tired but very aroused by the sensations. I held each contraction for about ten seconds. I felt heat waves from inside flooding my body
I strarted shaking felt really weak i was shaking like a porn acrice who is squirting i felt like i was was about to explode but had no erection. This feeling died down without any ejaculation. This happened about four times each time it was like a minute long. Ieach time hotter and shakier than one before.
I wanted to cum old school but want to seperate wet cumming from the aneros orgasm.
I dont know if what felt was an orgasm (s) but it felt amazing. I know there should de a long journey. I am not trying to rush things. I removed the mgx and finished old school with a nice wet orgasm.

I am really not trying to impress anyone but wanted to share my beginners luck with you.


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  1. I’m surprised that you were able to get an aneros in less than 5 days during a pandemic.

    Hope you have continued success.

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