Contractions, progress?

I was laying on my side during a session today, fell asleep, woke up and felt pretty great.

I started thinking naughty thoughts and everything started getting excited (prostate, erection, EVERYTHING) then I had 2-3 “Contractions” where my forward PC muscle groups involuntarily contracted orgasm style. Felt great…Not like an orgasm, but great nonetheless.

Unfortunately, the last one resulted in an anal contraction strong enough that I basically stretched my whole body like a yawn in bed and it was over.

I managed to do it again at say 90% the intensity about 5 minutes later.

Is this a stepping stone on the path to Super O?



  1. Don’t know if any one particular event is a “stepping stone” per se, but progress is progress, and with prostate play any progress is good sign you’re on the right track 🙂

  2. That sounds like the right track to me. Anytime you are highly aware of the activity in that area is showing progress.

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