How you guys don’t fall asllep when getting relaxed?

Well, I’ve been on this journey for more than a year and I haven’t had any orgasm. And one of the things that are keeping me away from it is that when I try to relax (seems I relax too much) I kind of fall asleep and all the arousal goes away. All my sessions (I have 3 different models) start good and give me good sensations, but once I start to relax everything goes down. How you guys keep aroused but relax? Seems I just can’t. Thanks in advance.



  1. +1 for seriously, how. I mean really, this is a problem for me too.

    Don’t fall asleep in my chair, but can’t seem to relax enough for much more than some decently good feels.

    Any lying position on couch or bed? -> SLEEP guaranteed.

  2. I don’t fall asleep when i am focused on how the toy feels inside me, even if i wanted too i could not. Hm

  3. While rewiring I would fall asleep a lot. I think it’s because you are learning how to relax but you haven’t yet learned how to invoke sensations or focus on them. To me this is OK and part of the journey.

    You’ll eventually get to a point where the feelings in your prostate will keep you focused enough that you won’t pass out. But the good news is that you’ll have this relaxation part mastered.

    I fell asleep for 50% of my sessions over about 3mo. Now it’s almost never. Unfortunately I never had one of those stories of waking up with the aneros pounding me in my sleep. I never got any sensations while sleeping. No discomfort either. Just nothing.

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