Always building, never getting over the edge

Basically I’ve been having a lot of really good feelings while using my aneros, and it feels like I’m going to have an orgasm. But I never go over the edge. I just feels like I’m constantly in that building state, or that point right before you go over the edge with a normal orgasm. But it never comes. I never have the orgasm.

Should I just keep practicing and hope that one day it happens? Am I expecting the wrong thing? Any advice would be helpful.



  1. I’m glad you asked that question. I’m in exactly the same position. I switched around between different Aneros to see which one would take me the furthest. So far the Progasm has worked the best for me.

  2. I hear you man. I’m only a couple sessions in, but that’s exactly how I feel. The sensations build until I almost feel like I’m hitting the good part on a roller coaster and then I can’t help but tense up and it all fades away.

    Frustrating as hell, but Rome wasn’t built in a day. Don’t give up.

  3. Would you suggest I try the MGX or something from the program line?

    And have you tried the syn version vs classic? Not sure this makes sense, but it almost feels like the syn isn’t moving as freely as it needs to. Maybe it’s the texture?

  4. One thing that I’ve learned over my experiences is to not chase after “the edge”. It’s not quite the same as with penile orgasms where you jerk until the edge and then bust after.

    The prostate orgasm is a lot more subtle than that and I’d recommend riding the waves of pleasure you get while riding the “edge”.

  5. I like the hard plastic versions so you can use any lube you want. I would say the MGX Trident would be a great way to start.

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