Guys, I gotta say, relaxation IS KEY!

So, let me say this: I am not a guy who normally indulges in any drugs or alcohol, but when my sister, who lives in the downstairs part of my duplex while I live in the upstairs part with my GF, offered me some of her “special” brownies? Well, between being quarantined all the time and losing my mind I said sure.

Let me tell you, once it kicked in? Not only did I feel relaxed, my prostate just freaking ACTIVATED! Like I just laid back on my bed in the position I would normally have my Aneros session in and within minutes, literal minutes, Super Orgasm. And I mean full blown, body shaking, pleasure only thing I can think of, mind blowing Super Orgasm.

And it just kept going for hours. All with nothing in there.

This was yesterday and I’m still feeling some very nice pleasure down there.

I won’t lie, I may consider asking for another in a couple days to see if it was a fluke or not. Purely for science, of course.



  1. Please do try it again, to see if it was a fluke, I’m very curious as to how effective weed is.

  2. Nothing inside you!? OMG that’s almost like an orgasm on command. Could u imagine if you could relax like that, say while waiting to depart at the airport? And you’re just cumming without doing anything, sounds wild and full of possibility!!

  3. This is similar to my first experience with Super Os. I was really worried that it was going mean I’d need weed every time to get results. However, the next morning, I was able to get going again without any weed use. And these experiences were without the aneros (was on vacation and didn’t take it with me).

    That said, I would suggest next time you have some brownies, have the aneros ready to go–cause I’ve also learned that getting a buzz going while also having the aneros work its magic is mind-blowing.

  4. But Important question I think, did you have any succes before with Aneros in?
    I can confirm weed helps, but I’m still struggling to get an orgasm with Aneros. Still experimenting a lot with weed.

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