Wearing aneros out in public and sleeping with it in

Hi Everyone.

I have used aneros products off and on the last 8 years probably but haven’t in the last 2. Ever since I got married I stopped using it because my wife doesn’t know about how much I like playing with my prostate (she has weird hangups about anal sex in general).

Anyways, I plan on buying one tonight at the local sex store and wearing it after my wife falls asleep. I know that may prevent me from relaxing all the way and letting go, but I want to have something in there at night. Are there any complications from wearing it while you sleep? I know having enough lube is an important thing so it doesn’t dry out. But will I wake up in the middle of the night shaking and groaning from the aneros doing it’s thing?

Also, what is the stance on wearing it out in public? I know it will stay in there, but could it cause any problems and/or embarrassment?

I can’t fucking wait to start using this again!

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  1. I sometimes wear it when I go to sleep, I asked my wife about it and she is fine with it.
    Don’t use lube, use shea butter that last much longer and you will be fine.

  2. I sleep with mine most sessions. However, I would not recommend doing so with anything larger than a Helix; even that would be pushing it. Also, you probably want to freeze 2-3ml of whatever lube and use it as a suppository.

  3. I tried going to bed with the little Eupho once. Didn’t sleep a wink. The sensations were just too wild. I can’t imagine how you guys do it. Not that I mind having it give me earth-shaking sensations at other times…

    Mine are the older generation with the tab that prevents sitting down, so I’ve never tried them in public. But I have gone out with a comfy silicone butt plug. It’s a great way to relax when you are in the dental chair.

  4. I use a light coating of coconut oil and sleep with a Helix Syn Trident, the Peridises, or even my Squarepeg Medium Egg plug in on occasion. Works just fine. I have also used a Natural Jelly lube made from Coconut oil, shea butter, and beeswax in the past and that may last a bit longer.

    I personally have not awakened in the middle of the night shaking, but I have experienced some involuntaries and that can wake me up sometimes for some fun times. I think if you have a very exciting dream it could make things interesting too.

    Out in public, retention is key, so as little lube as you’re comfortable with would be my suggestion. Also wear tight fitting underwear if you feel like it could slip out. Worst case, carry a zip lock bag for any emergencies. Practice walking around the house before going out to make sure you have the combo correct.

    Hope this helps.

  5. I’ve been wearing mine a lot, too much probably. Keep thinking I’m almost there.

    I would throw a word of caution towards doing this. I find after 3-4 hours that my prostate and muscles aren’t really feeling it.

    In public is fine, feels good taking my dog for a walk with it in, but doesn’t really help anything happen.

    I start a lot of naps and night’s sleep with it in. I don’t seem to get where I’m headed before falling asleep. The best progress I had though was one time after waking up from a nap with it in. Had some powerful involuntaries and unsolicited erections, but tried too hard and nothing came of it (lol pun)

    I have the older style and took the back part off. Helps a lot for sitting comfortably with it in and it feels more mobile.


    I think it’s important to remember that although “do nothing” is one advertised way to pursue the super-O, you should still be deliberate about when you’re putting it in and what you’re doing with it. Long term passive wear isn’t a commonly cited source of super-o’s or progress toward them from what I can tell.

  6. Lube is key for sleeping with it in but I just use plenty of silicone lube.

    I have slept with a MGX, a Progasm, and a Tempo.

    Only the Tempo woke me up a few times but not in the state of a super O or anything. Just a tingle like you get during a warm up. Small p waves.

    The Progasm did nothing. Felt nothing while sleeping. Didn’t wake up with orgasm.

    The MGX is interesting and I’ve been purposely sleeping with it a few times. Like the others it doesn’t wake me up in some sort of dream state mega O, but what it does is set me up for a glorious day of intense aless. When I wake up I take it out and go about my day. My day is nearly ruined because every moment I get to apply a tiny bit of focus, I am distracted by aless orgasms. But it’s lots of fun.

    Your mileage may vary but for me sleeping wasn’t dangerous and it didn’t cause some mid sleep orgasm either.

    As far as wearing in public I’m kind of the same way. Too much going on to really focus. I have worn my MGX all day around the house under my clothes and have had orgasms on the couch or somewhere alone fully clothed.

    Learn to focus on Aless. Then you can orgasm in public if you want without the bother. I’ve cum on airplanes and beaches and in the car.

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