Looking forward to me time

Slowly building till Monday morning when get the house to my still for couple of hours. It started last Tuesday I got an hour with progasm ice. I found that’s the best one so far. Tuesday hour and half, it build up very small p waves and one that built up but can’t get over the edge like I can’t let go.
It builds and builds I want to explode so bad. There is pre cum every time I get a small p wave the pleasure is nice and I crave more. Have about 3 little p waves each time pre cum.
Just tense up and can’t get over the edge.

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  1. Use your hand and rub the clear round pat of sticky out but. If run a certain way it will make a sound. When I getting to o you can hear it

  2. It sounds like you are on your way to greatness. Don’t worry about getting over the edge. Try to get where youve always been. Focus on relaxing and getting to that familiar p wave you’ve enjoyed. You do t know what the next step will feel like so just enjoy where you got to and I promise you the next step will happen automatically. Focus on what’s happening omg now not where you think you should go.

    In my journey which took over half a year I went from p waves to hands free wet orgasm. Then I was able to have a super o or two and then a wet orgasm. Right now I can’t get to super o wet or dry but I’m constantly getting to a dove I never did before. A step my body skipped which is a dry o. My cock and prostate pump and pump like I’m shooting cum. This goes on for like10mins.

    Like you I’m like “ugh I want to get over the edge” and I know what it feels like to have that super O. But the past 3 sessions I have not been able to get there. However this shooting cum feeling for 5,10mins is really magical and I’m really enjoying it.

    Focus on the now. Not the next.

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