Did i get a wet pgasm? Am i doing it “correct”?

I bought the aneros helix over a year ago and used it so far about once a week. I get great feelings down there when I use it and I also noticed that when im getting excited I feel it in my prostate which is a good thing I guess. At the end of last year I had a first outcome and ejaculated while using the toy. It feelt like a normal orgasm but a little bit weaker. After that i didnt feel excited anymore and stopped. Was this a wet pgasm? After that they were more frequent but sadly non of them were dry and stronger than a normal orgasm. Will I get there if I dont change my massaging style? Normally I get in the shower, clean myself with an enema and start the session by browsing some porn/nude subreddits on reddit while the toy is inside of me, flexing my pc muscle and touching my nipples and balls. Often i get good feelings after a couple of minutes which get stronger troughout the session and sometimes resulting into what I think is in a wet HFO. Am I flexing the pc muscle too often? Is it even “correct” that I am flexing it? Should I instead just let it sit and do nothing?

Im very thankfull for any helpfull information 🙂

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/aneros/comments/h0e35g/did_i_get_a_wet_pgasm_am_i_doing_it_correct/


  1. Watch tallanerosuser on xtube. He does use poppers. But then look up golden boy. I yet have super o with out poppers. But I have with

  2. You more than likely have a pelvic floor that is too tense. This your reward for doing the Kegel exercises. Stop the Kegels and note your results. Once you stop the Kegels maybe your pelvic floor will lose some of its tension.

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