A question about sensitivity and abstinence

Hi, I’ve been following this subreddit and using my aneros. I had a quick question about the process for all the experienced guys here.

Here’s my progress:

I use the aneros syn, I recently took the advice to stop masturbating and porn and I’ve seen a rise in general pleasure in my aneros sessions.

So my question is, relating to saving cum to increase sensitivity.

a) Does the body only need to save cum (as in dont ejaculate) before an aneros session to build sensitivity over time?


b) Does the body need to save cum, AND abstain from nightly aneros sessions to build sensitivity?

I ask because I’ve stopped touching my dick at all, I dont cum, but I have an aneros session every day or every other day now and I’m wondering if I’m shooting myself in the foot here or if it’s okay to do regular aneros sessions to build practice and sensations AS I build up cum storage (i.e. more sensitivity).

Do regular (daily or almost every other day) sessions dull the sensations? Or does the practice help the journey to create more sensitivity?

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  1. Use the aneros 3 times a week at most. The more you use it the less effective it becomes. Its what I have learned over the years

  2. I’d say you need to space out your sessions until you really get the hang of it. Especially if you are new to prostate massage, you need to give your body time to rest and rewire. It’s especially tantalizing when you get that buzzing feeling outside of a session. I found that I really need to be in the mood for an Aneros session, so I don’t really wait a set amount of days, I just go when I feel the timing is right.

    Also, part of the journey is not trying to force it, but letting it come to you. Doing nightly sessions, especially if you have to try and get into the mood, is counterproductive, IMO.

  3. You need to rest between sessions. How much is going to vary. A rule of thumb is that if you have any pain at all, during or after a session, you’ve overdone it and should rest until it is completely gone.

    As far as “saving up” is concerned. It’s important to be mentally aroused at the start of the session. This doesn’t require days of abstinence from ejaculation. In fact over time you will learn to enjoy entirely new forms of arousal that don’t involve erections or ejaculation at all. It’s part of the rewiring.

  4. The body will always find a way to maintain a baseline eventually. What this means in practice is if you normally cum daily and you don’t cum for 2-3 days, then your body is going to be very easily aroused and full of “erotic energy”. If you don’t cum, or cum very rarely, for several weeks or months then your body will just get used to rarely ejaculating as the new normal and you’ll find your body will return to its baseline state of arousal over time.

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