Almost super o. Is there a way to go further?

I recently tried some weed before a session. Even without the toy I had some pleasurable sensations down there. I felt waves of pleasure, and at one point I felt a wave of intense pleasure that must’ve lasted a minute. However, it didnt feel like an orgasm. It felt more like being on the edge of orgasm, almost about to pee, but also extremely pleasurable. So I’m wondering whether I attained a super O or just almost got there. Should there be a “tension and then release” feeling? Or does super O come in waves up and down?


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  1. I haven’t reached super O but from what I’ve heard it sounds like you are there. As far as I’ve heard, it’s not like a traditional orgasm where it builds and builds until you finally explode. It’s more of a feeling of waves of pleasure that slowly build until you are fully submerged in that pleasure.

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