Is too much lube a problem for anyone else?

I have a Progasm. It was my first prostate massager.

Every post I have ever read on any anal play always starts with something to the effect “Apply plenty of lube early and often.”

I find if I use very much lube I can’t keep the Progasm in position. When I exert very much pressure it tries to squirt out. Even when it stays inside it isn’t in the correct position and there doesn’t seem to have enough friction against the prostate.

If I take it out and wipe off most of the lube it works much better.

Would a different style of Aneros be better? Maybe the Maximus Trident which has a narrower neck?



  1. I used to use a LOT of lube. Would smother the Aneros and then inject lube up inside with a lube syringe. I started only generously lubing the Aneros and have had better results.

    For reference, I use MGX and Helix, both classic and trident.

  2. Same man. I don’t use much, at least I don’t think I do. Just enough to get things in place comfortably. And believe me, now that I “get” how my body responds to the Aneros, a litre of lube doesn’t help.

    I think this probably down to the individual’s body and preferences.

    Edit: I have five different Aneros and same procedure/result (+/-) for all, for me.

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