1. I don’t want to sound mean in any way but have you considered exploring your own body? I mean obviously you discovered your prostate, and there are more body parts to be discovered aswell. Maybe there are pleasure zones that works for you, but not for everyone else. Just venture around and see what happens.

  2. It’s not the places you touch – it’s your brain learning to interpret that touch as something erogenous / arousing. The more nerve endings involved, the easier for your brain to “get the hint”. But it’s a process that needs time and training. Re-wiring is a learning effort, there are no shortcuts.

    Rule of thumb: every place that’s ticklish is rich in nerve endings.

    Tantra has the concept of “Chakras” which are basically big nerve clusters that respond well to meditation. You may throw in a tantric meditation every now and then to train your ability to really feel into your hotspots before you touch them.

  3. Right in between my balls it feels like I have a clit there after rewiring. It gets hard on its own even without a full erection. Not gonna lie, it’s super hot envisioning myself with a clit.

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