Advice on keeping Progasm in place

I have a Progasm and last night I had the best session I have ever had. It lasted about an hour total. There were multiple periods several minutes in duration where it felt like I was in the middle of an orgasm that just kept going. I was quivering and having involuntary contractions.

The problem was that sometimes my abdomen would strongly contract involuntarily. My cock would stand up and feel like something was going to come out. Every time that happened the Progasm would be pushed part way out. I would have to reach back and push it back in.

I was on my back with legs closed. I tried spreading them and I tried lying on both sides but it did not help. I can’t do on my stomach because of bad knees.

I’ve tried more lube (that made it worse) and less lube.

Is there anything else I could try or could a different model of Aneros work better?



  1. Less lube and kegal strength to keep tension. A bit like finding the biting point in a manual car. Always go back to that point even when you find yourself atbanjuction for a rest. Never give into neutral…

  2. There are a few sessions with the Progasm where i am running into a similar situation. And I’d bet that it’s the same reason. When i am not fully relaxed, which happens from time to time, my pelvic muscle is very tense … if that is the case the Progasm will be pushed out slightly. This is mostly due to dumb mistakes of strengthening the pc muscle waaaay too much with exercising. It would make sense – as you also said that you contract and your cock stood up. Relaxation helps!

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