Crash Course for Frustrated User?


I appreciate the openness of some of the folks here, so I thought I might reach out. I own 3 different devices (Helix, Progasm, MGX), and tried on and off for the better part of 10 years, to virtually no effect. I have read many different forums and guides, and I think I am getting mixed messages. Some users recommend cannabis or poppers or some such nonsense, and I am not interested in doing these things. Others have recommended using ‘hypno’ files, but those just leave me confused and disoriented with a headache. Some users say Kegels are key, and another fellow I was chatting with recommended ‘light’ Kegels, as if trying was not the point. I have tried both.

My question is, assuming I am starting from a fresh slate again, what is the best way to proceed with this? Is it just clean, relax, pop it in, and wait? Is it a lost cause at this point?

Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks.



  1. In your case I would just leave it and wait for spontaneous sensations. Have low expectations and just enjoy ANY sensations you get. Have a few sessions without kegels or any penis stimulation.

  2. I’ll post [this link](Progasm_experience_meh/dl2xxqn/" rel="nofollow ugc"> from a long while back describing my advice regarding aneros use.

    Simply: people hear great things and expect great things immediately. Thats not how it works, and trying harder makes it less likely to happen. Welcome to a different kind of orgasm.

  3. The only thing I can say is that the orgasms are true, as I know sometimes, after you have done it many times to no result, you start thinking it may not even be possible. It is. And you will eventually succeed.

    Relaxing is key, and by relaxing I mean putting your mind in a highly meditative and almost out of body state, it is very hard. I would recommend as the other user said. Leave the aneros in and forget about it, focus on relaxing your mind and body to an extreme level, and the sensations will come, try to follow them.

  4. I think you should do it on weed once just to get the wiring, then it will be much easier off weed

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