Can’t seem to find it

I’ve gone about 8 times now, anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours, but I can’t get past just the twitching. I’ve had some pretty intense involuntary spasms but that’s just about it, and my dick is never rock hard. I feel like I’ve read every post, and every tip/technique and I just can’t seem to find the spot.



  1. That’s fine if you don’t get an erection, in fact I am rarely erect during prostate pleasure. Just relax, focus on the zone around your aneros and let go of all expectations.

    Try to relax and breathe deeply while being a bit aroused, and focus on the tiniest sensations inside of you. You are not used to feel these parts of your body so it may take some time but just enjoy if there are a few tiny sparks of pleasure.

    Let them come and go without trying to increase them, sometimes they fade and come back a moment later, sometimes not. Feeling them at first is hard, like trying to listening to the background music in a crowded place.

  2. Excited = aroused, with or without erection. Took me almost 4 months of weekly use. For an example if you masturbate with the aneros in, stop when you’re hitting peak excitement and just pay very close attention to how the toy is reacting and moving inside you and touching parts that aren’t used to being touched. That is what you can do on your own without touching.

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