Stop chasing the “Super-O”

I see so many beginners here asking about how to induce “the involuntaries” and their (lack of) progress towards the super-o. Stop wasting your (and our) time! You basically cannot have a “super-o” if you don’t know how to have “normal-o”s. I’m talking about (dry) prostate orgasms.

Let me slap you in the face and give you the real talk, this is what you need to know:

1. Prostate gland is a sexual organ, like the penis
2. Unlike the penis, prostate gland isn’t used (directly) for sexual reproduction and therefore it doesn’t have the limitations a traditional penis-based stimulation has (cum, refractory period)
3. However, the prostate is relatively hidden and hard to access, thus it has remained a secret and a mystery for thousands of years. But it is *literally* the “back door to pleasure”
4. We now have technology like the Aneros product line that makes it easy and painless to access
5. If you haven’t ever used your prostate directly, your prostate is metaphorically speaking dormant, asleep. To “awaken” your prostate, you have to use it. I don’t know if you’ve had the same experience, but for me when I started to use my penis, it didn’t feel particularly good at first. It took me an hour or more of masturbation to reach my first orgasm. It was even painful, since I didn’t know how to do it. But over the next days and weeks, I practised diligently and learned what felt good, eventually gaining the ability to reach orgasm in a matter of minutes.
6. Therefore, with all sexual organs, there seems to be like a “break in” period, or a period where the sensations and sexual pleasure just isn’t there. This is the “rewiring” process people talk about, but it’s not what you think. To “rewire”, simply use and pleasure your prostate with any means necessary. Use your fingers, a dildo, move the Aneros in your butt using your hand and anal musculature, whatever allows you to touch your prostate in an aroused state.

Therefore, before even thinking about “super-o”s, you should be thinking about how to start using your prostate for pleasure on a daily (or at least weekly) basis, no matter the means to do so. Aneros isn’t special, all it does is touch your prostate. You don’t have to learn a magical pattern of muscular activation in the butt, all you need to learn is to locate your prostate and touch it with whatever. You can use your Aneros for that, and it’s designed to do exactly that.

I would suggest that the first thing you do is locate the prostate with your fingers. To do this, grab your lube and put your finger up the butt as far as you can. You can do this in any position, squatting, on your back, on your side, sitting on the toilet. Then start to masturbate and reach a traditional, ejaculatory orgasm. Do this carefully enough that you pay attention to the sensations in your fingers. The prostate literally puffs up like a balloon right at the point of no return and slowly releases the pressure, becoming smaller again. This is your chance to feel with your finger where the prostate is. You will have to do this several times to really find it. It can be difficult, since it’s relatively deep and the position isn’t the easiest one to manage comfortably. But do it, because then you know where it is and where to focus on with your stimulation.

Once you’ve felt your prostate multiple times with your finger, you should start stimulating it. You need to be aroused for any pleasurable effects to occur. Some people swear that you shouldn’t touch your dick, but they are either very experienced already, very lucky or have no success at all. Take this with a grain of salt, but my advice and logic is that since the penis has been the highway to pleasure for many years now, it has ingrained itself as penis = pleasure, so it can be very hard to be aroused without the penis. Don’t fight an uphill battle, use your penis. You don’t have to take this to the extreme, use it moderately and towards the “as little as possible” until you don’t need it anymore. Consider the penis like training wheels for a bicycle: once you can cycle without it, you don’t need it anymore. Obviously, you don’t have to worry if your boner decreases and so on as long as you remain aroused. Arousal is the key to activating the prostate and it happens automatically, it’s a function of the prostate to activate with arousal.

Take your time as well. One thing to note about the prostate vs penis is that while penis can activate and feel pleasureable in seconds, the prostate heats up slowly and needs a steady flow of arousal before it works properly, just like women’s masturbation. Therefore you should use your penis and maybe something like porn or erotica to get yourself going, but don’t go too close to the edge since you need to maintain this level of arousal for at least 30 – 60 minutes before focusing on the direct stimulation.

Now that you’ve warmed up, continue just as you have but focus more on the prostate. Play with it. Try to get pleasure out of it. If you’ve ever fingered a girl/woman (depending on your age), you know how it goes. It takes time, steadiness and you need to adapt to changing circumstances. Small distractions can put you off very fast. You have to lean into the arousal and not use too much force. Use whatever means necessary to stimulate your prostate: move the Aneros around with your other hand while slowly stimulating the penis like you’re used to doing. Extract and mine pleasure out of it, like you would mine gold. Seek pure prostate-based pleasure, but don’t put off the pleasure from the penis either. They work together, and for now you don’t yet have the confidence to go full-prostate. You’ll get there if you embrace the pleasure and recognize where you’re at: you’re so used to penis-based pleasure that it’s hard to function without it.

Continue until your arousal fades or time runs out. Finish off if you like, you’re not destroying anything. Pay attention to how your prostate feels and acts during a traditional orgasm. Really get in there with your mind, trying to push the orgasm towards the prostate instead of the penis. Imagine like a DJ slider between two songs, the penis song and the prostate song. For years (and maybe decades) you’ve had the slider all the way left, in the penis song. Slowly try to bring the fader more towards the center and the right side, the prostate song. The songs mix together and you can hear more and more of the song and the dance your prostate plays when you’re aroused. Jam with it. Get into that groove. It’s different from the penis-based rock’n’roll, most likely.

You will need to work on this until the prostate sensations amplify and even dominate the sessions. When you can lean into the prostate pleasure, you will start to have dry orgasms automatically. And when you do, you’ll learn even more how to lean into it. And when you do, the super-o is just a matter of chaining more and more prostate orgasms in a row and gaining more intensity while you’re at it.

There is no super-o, there is just prostate orgasm with varying intensity and frequency. So stop “chasing the super-o” and get on with the prostate orgasms, that’s all there is anyway!



  1. Thanks for the advice! I really appreciate it. I will give this way a try for sure!

  2. Excellent post! Can I ask where r/malesquirting fits in to this? I can effectively do these pretty well so in a way I am confident at reaching some decent prostate pleasure. I’d consider these orgasms but they’re not completely dry, the result is a mixture of precum and pee; albeit there’s no actual cum like a true wet orgasm. I find this only achievable through using dildos etc. It’s hard not to ‘chase super-O’ as you’ve mentioned but to me it’s difficult to get any prostate pleasure from using an aneros as most people allude to on here. It feels nice to have one in but there must be a degree of learning to use the aneros effectively on top of the rewiring you have described above. Any thoughts? Thanks again for the great post.

  3. I don’t thin the prostate has been a mystery for “thousands of years” lol
    Men been having sex up the butt for a long time.

    Sorry no shade but sometimes I love how straight men buy an aneros and are like “OMG does anyone know about this?”

    Bottoms be over here like, “Um….yes?” lol

    Butt stimulation is great though! For everyone. Sorry, the advice here is great! But sometimes people get a little self righteous in this sub. It’s butt stuff y’all lol we’ve been doing it for generations. But I agree, if you chase and push for it too much, you’ll lose it.


    I think women have been saying the same thing about their orgasms for generations as well lol. I find that to be an interesting connection.

    Anyways, toodles

  4. just saying i literally cant even feel my prostate which i been trying for months. i’v literally tried do nothing light contractions… experimented with a lot of stuff with 3 different toys e.g aneros, njay and a vib one and i still dont feel a thing. btw i try focus on the current feeling but there is nothing to feel.

  5. Yes when you are feeling things for minutes at a time that you never dreamed of,enjoy that instead of chasing something better.When a super o hits it won’t knock first so quit looking around the corner for [it.Im](https://it.Im) 71 yrs young it never gets old.Using Aneros for 10 yrs.

  6. Thanks for this, it’s always good getting different viewpoints and stimulating some debate.

    Your slider analogy is an interesting one, I feel that I’m about 50/50 right now. The prostate plays a large part in the feeling from orgasms, but I can’t activate it much on its own.

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