Rotating Prostate Massagers?

I have been using aneros (various models) for 8 years.

I never had super O but had some dry os although they’re super rare for me. I suspect my low sex drive is the reason why most of the time nothing happens to me (I use the do nothing method almost every time).

I have hfwos occasionally when things get intense (paradoxically intense many times doesn’t necessarily mean pleasurable). I have premature ejaculation and I think even with the penis not being touched it may have an impact here.

I also have the njoy pure wand and I don’t get much from it, I feel the contact with the prostate but it’s not very pleasurable. I had a lot more success with aneros (I don’t know why).

So I’ve been thinking that maybe a more proactive (but relaxing) toy could help, something like those rotating head’s prostate massagers. I don’t think they will be successful than the aneros but I think I’ll try.

My question is if any of you uses / used this rotating toys what kind of orgasms do you get from it? (Dry or Wet)

And if you tried different models what is your favourite?

I am looking to get dry os more frequently but if it is mainly to get wet orgasms then it doesn’t interest me much (despite the pleasure of wet prostate stimulation orgasms).



  1. I’ve tried some of the cheaper models with a rotating head (china stuff) but i really have to say: they are not very good in my opinion

    The nexus Revo Intense however is really awesome, although the price tag might scare one away. Plus many people report the head getting damaged/destroyed fairly quickly. Not for me tho, i have it for a long time and used it a lot.

    Orgasms for me are always dry. Wet orgasms don’t exist – it’s an orgasm with ejaculation. But ejaculation has nothing to do with orgasm. Well they are connected on a time based level.

  2. I got the nexus revo years ago and unfortunately it did nothing for me. Trained more with the njoy and eventually was able to get consistent prostate orgasms. Haven’t gone back to try the revo in a while

  3. I started with the aneros Helix, got hfo’s later on with the Progasm. But you need to be in a really relaxed and aroused state, so for me that means an evening/night alone without the wife and kids around and watching porn.

    Got the nexus Revo Intense and that was a totally new sensation! At first I had to (or thought I had to) pee when using it, now I can use it without the “pee-ing” sensation. It really is intense, kind of like someone is fingering your ass. Tried a Chinese knockoff, but that dit not have enough rotational power. I’ve had the revo for a year now and it only broke a few weeks ago. I managed to repair it using some guides here on reddit thankfully, let’s see how long it will last. Will definitely get a new one if it is unrepairable.

    What helps with not breaking it, is to not sit on it or otherwise putting to much stress on the unit. I always lay on my stomach and just let the revo work its magic. Probably helps I could get hfo’s before that with the aneros. Infuse the same kegel techniques, but it is just more intense and leads to quicker orgasms with the revo. I can even use it if I go to bed early with the wife downstairs and finish in half an hour to an hour.

    My latest toy is the Pure Wand, but so far it has done nothing for me unfortunately.

    TLDR: get the Revo Intense!

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