First Prostate Orgasm!

I have had an aneros for a little over 3 months and I just had a 10 minute orgasm last night. Its so hard to explain until its happened, but the closest sensation would be the feeling you get right before you ejaculate, except way more intense. Almost like a constant flowing electricity all throughout your genitals and even the rest of your body becomes hypersensitive.

My keys to success were arousal. I took several days off from any masturbation, watched about 10 minutes of porn, and then inserted device and laid on my back, legs up. I didnt have to any fancy kegel pattern, I pretty much just had to be super aroused and relaxed. I smoked some really good cannabis beforehand.

Within a few minutes, I was in pure ecstasy. I was breathing heavily, moaning and was full of warmth. I had an erection the whole time. It lasted about 10 minutes before my AC and fan kicked on which made me feel like I was freezing. I had to get up and turn it off. I laid around for another 20ish minutes before getting super tired (had been up all day long). I wasn’t able to get back to that point but I needed to go to bed anyways. Total session maybe 40 minutes total.

Just got to chain multiples together now but HOLY SHIT. Mindblown!



  1. Good for you!
    Can I ask details about the cannabis strain you used? Name or stativa/indica content?

  2. Mm, another one where they use weed. I get more and more disappointed when I see it because it seems like it makes it so much easier. Cant get any myself

  3. Congrats! I’m up in Canada where weed is legal! I find it makes a world of difference… although I have been able to have a prostate orgasm without weed, I find that it enhances the experience tremendously! I buy a really good grade sativa! And as the one person says below… things WILL only continue to get better!! I find if I have not had an orgasm 4-7 days that the experience is the best!

  4. If you experience that do you advice to stop and let it come over you or keep going with your muscles to move the aneros?

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