1. I have the Helix Syn, Progasm Jr., and Progasm.

    The P Jr. is definitely more intense than the Helix. It takes some getting used to because it’s fuller and more rigid; relaxation really counts at the beginning. It definitely is more intense, though, once it starts working. I find with the P Jr. that I seem to build up to the first orgasm a lot faster, although at first it will probably take some more training to get used to working the bigger, firmer toy.

    The P Jr. also makes me really appreciate the Helix’s slower teasing build up. I tend to use the Helix now when I have the time and space for a longer session; the P Jr. is good for sessions when I’m already extremely aroused and want to get a quicker nut or two or three.

    I’d recommend it.

  2. Also following for a similar inquiry, although I’m wondering about going from a Helix Trident to a Progasm Ice.

    I’ve gotten success with the Helix, but thinking I need something “more” down there. After watching some videos, I’m curious at how different devices function differently. For example I understood the Helix to be more of a rocking/pivoting device, whereas the MGX or Progasm is more of an in/out device. Videos show a lot more movement with the Progasm than the Helix.

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