Reach for the Floor! (or, An Uncommon Path to Awakening the Prostate) Part I (Cross-posted in r/prostateplay)

Part I – The Method

It seems from following this sub-reddit that the vast majority of men begin focusing on their prostate in search of pleasure. That is a fantastic reason to do so, and no other reason is needed! I myself started the awakening process partly for that, but also to help address a specific physical health problem. Adding that dimension made it both more challenging and more rewarding for me. I felt that I could share parts of that experience in the hope that others find something of value here.

A few years ago, I had a lower inguinal hernia. Pretty good one, with mild complications due to some prior tissue damage. The surgery seemed to go ok, but I soon realized that my pelvic muscle alignment and movement were not right. It became obvious that my Psoas and pelvic muscles were compromised by the surgery, with scar tissue and serious loss of range of movement. I had trouble standing fully upright for any long period of time and my posture deteriorated. After 2 years of ongoing rehab, I incrementally regained my full range of motion by slowly pulling the misplaced staples through the scar tissue to the correct locations (my GP thought that this was still a safer approach than a new surgery, and not wanting to be cut up again I agreed with him). Yes, this was painful in general. Yes, it sometimes caused acute pain during sex and exercise. I experienced a severe energy block and loss of strength on that side of my body. The problem muscles resisted all attempts to open enough to fully heal. The persistent and unconscious guarding of a major yin line exhausted me enough that a solution was imperative.

Eventually through more rehab and light exercise I became able to flex the PC, IC, and Perineal muscles individually, and my Psoas became flexible enough that they could tension to anchor the lower muscles better. Due to the small size and low weight of the Aneros, I could isolate and **gently** find the limits of each muscle as I worked it. After 6 weeks, I could flex and hold those muscles for almost 60 seconds without pain and feel the toy push against a sweet spot. My pelvic muscles responded to this better than any other method I had tried. I guess I just had to admit that I am a sex fiend and begin motivating myself with orgasms! I continued to treat my sessions as part workout and part meditation. I got a gym membership and worked myself up to a regular lifting and cardio routine. Now that I had a foundation, the benefits of my sessions on muscle strength and control were undeniable.

Further persistence allowed me put my Helix right on my prostate, and I was working on being able to hold that 10-50% contraction for any period of time. Four more months of persistence and work gave me p-waves, some more contraction control, and lots of involuntarily movements. I experimented with various toys to find what my body likes. After about 10 months I randomly experienced an almost indescribable pleasure with my Pure wand where I can honestly say that I saw fireworks and was unable to talk for a few minutes. Good stuff, and even better as the result of work and patience. I am now currently able to sustain a fluttering movement for 10-45 minutes with a couple of toys, and I am working on holding light contractions at very specific locations.

Yes, you can goose things along with substances, penis stimulation, and vibrators (THC, stroking, and using my Edge are all things I sometimes enjoy in prostate land). But at the core, you must work at it even with the extra stimulation. You need to learn your body and train your mind. You should find your energy flow and see if you can strengthen it.

I am not espousing some hokum or hand-waving pseudo-science when I talk about energy. You can feel the energy in a non sexual way, ask any serious athlete about feeling your body when it’s in ‘the zone’. For me, this is very much like developing your bat swing or your golf stroke. It’s like learning to do math quickly in your head, or how to play an instrument. You absolutely can do it, but you can’t just **think** at it and expect great results. You have to practice it, and *feel* it without forcing it to fit in the box of your conscious thought. Like sketching a picture quickly or enjoying a sunset without putting it into words. You want your body to know how to do its own thing while you ride the physical sensations and mentally zone out a little. It takes practice, for some more than others.

So. I have arrived at the point where my prostate is a regular and major part of my sexual activity. Although I still have intermittent problems with my tissue damage and chronic inflammation, I am back to a reasonable level of activity in my daily life, and get to experience new sexual sensations as well. I encourage others to explore the meditative and exercise aspects of your prostate experiences, The rewards can be frustratingly subtle but they are there for the patient and persistent.

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