Hi there i am a novice at this 3 months experience,no momentous moments yet but plenty of pleasure,i have a question ,once i get the involuntries going i experience a pulling in/ Clamping of the Aneros which can be a touch uncomfortable ,is this normal and do you relax your hold on the Aneros or let it have it’s way.?


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  1. A little of both actually. When you get the involuntary clenching, relax and also let it do its thing. Don’t relax to the point of stopping all clenching, but just ride the waves. Don’t try to clench harder or “chase” it. Try to hold it at maybe 10% strength.

    As for the slightly uncomfortable feeling, that’s probably because you’re not used to having that pressure on your prostate. As that area gets used to it, it’ll toughen up and you won’t feel the soreness anymore. It’s like working out muscles that don’t typically get a lot of use. Now it it’s full on actually pain, then you may be doing something wrong or going too deep.

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