Can’t achieve a HFWO

Hey there, I have had the aneros for a while now and I can achieve I was lucky enough to be able achieve the super-o rather quickly. However, I was never able to ejaculate or have a HFWO from aneros play alone. I have always had the fantasy of cumming from anal but I can’t seem to achieve it.

Any tips?



  1. I have the exact opposite problem, I am eager to get the super-o, but always end with HFWO.

  2. Might want learn how to have hands free NEOs instead. They’re repeatable and there’s no refractory period.

  3. I don’t think the Aneros are cut out for an HFWO. It’s possible, but rare. Fortunately, because the dry orgasms caused by Aneros are better than HFWO. I think you have to use a dildo for HFWO.

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