Aneros is way too time consuming

Out of the maybe 100 sessions I have had, only once have I had what I think was a prostate orgasm. It was enjoyable, but it is very inconsistent. All of the variables have to be in check. I experience some pleasure, but its not really worth all the prep work. I don’t have a lot of personal free time and would rather “have a consistent quarter over a dollar every now and then.” I think the prep work would be worth it if I were having mind blowing pleasure on the norm, but its not worth it if its a 1/100 kind of thing.

I also am not a fan of aneros assisted ejaculatory orgasms (Super Ts). While it improves my erection quality, it weakens the sensations of orgasms. After ejaculating with the aneros in, it doesn’t have the same chemical reaction and I am left not fully fulfilled.

I only have the Helix Trident. I either want to try another model or just quit.

Any recommendations?



  1. Yes, I have a recommendation. Keep practicing. Yes, it takes a lot of time… But once you start to get regular orgasms, they start to come faster and faster in the session and in larger numbers. And the pleasure felt during those orgasms is worth 100% of the time spent looking for them. Every man is different and some need more time than others to get to Dry-O’s and Super-O’s. But once the technique is mastered, no man regrets the time spent. Maybe another massager can trigger the orgasms more easily, that’s something to explore. I was lucky to have my first orgasm in the 5th session, but I also had a lot of frustrating sessions until I mastered this activity.

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