What gets you in the mood the most?

Long story short I decided to go off my antidepressants because they were making me feel numb and like a robot. I now have my sex drive back, I actually have feeling in my penis again, and I can get an erection if the wind blows right. I am now eager as all get out to try getting into my aneros again. The impulse to masturbate was so strong earlier that I took it as a sign that tonight could be loads of fun if I could just hold off for a bit. So help me make the most out of tonight and throw some suggestions my way for things that really gets your ass and prostate aroused.

I used to utilize porn to get me in the mood for an aneros session but I’m thinking I’ll steer away from what I usually watch which is bbw, threesome, mother in law type stuff. I’ve tried gay porn before and couldn’t really get into it. Trans porn has been a solid choice lately for regular masturbation but I feel like I’ve seen all there is to see (minus paid sites – if you have suggestions for one, throw em at me!).

I have tried erotica, binaural beats, etc. as well. And dildos, some toys and a hot shower have also been used to some moderate success in the past.

Of the above categories what’s your favorite to get you in the mood, what are some specific examples (favorite porn video, literotica or binaural beats track/playlist)? Nothing is too kinky for me!!

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  1. Here’s what I like I to do, I’ll look around a few different porn sites to find a video that really gets me in the mood I personally prefer porn that involves trans women topping men, it really gets me in the mood and if I really get into the “groove” of the particular video then I’ll be able to cum quickly and I may even have multiple orgasms.

    Another thing I personally like to do is I’ll wear a cage while I’m fucking myself (either with my dildo or my aneros vice 2). Wearing a cage on my cock really does seem to heighten the pleasures I get out of prostate play /anal. Not being able to touch my cock really seems to max out the pleasure scale for me, when I’m wearing my cage I can get a handsfree wet orgasm much more quickly than if I wasn’t wearing one.

  2. Usually I look at some pretty naked women on the internet before I introduce my Aneros. Nothing really porn, just hot pretty girls that get my arousal going. Then, during the session, I rely on my imagination. The hottest scenes scroll one after the other in my imagination. I prefer to have my eyes closed and I find watching a screen too distracting.

  3. A pair of sweaty gym socks or piss/cum stain underwear from a hot guy for me to sniff.

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