Nothing really happening when legs are shaking?

So I believe I made some good progress today, though I’m not sure if I really did or not. I think I finally got to the point where your legs begin to shake, and was like that for maybe more than half an hour with not much really happening. I changed positions a few times while my legs were shaking, and noticed that it only happens when I’m laying on my back, feet flat on the bed and knees in the air. You think this is normal to happen? This also has me kind of second guessing if it really was caused by the aneros and wasn’t my legs just getting tired or something.

Aside from that I didn’t really notice anything major in terms of difference in pleasurable feelings anywhere. I was having involuntaries for a while and eventually stopped even feeling that they were happening, almost like my butt was numb. In the end I started getting some hard contractions and it seemed the shaking was very very slowly getting more drastic, but this unfortunately caused me discomfort as my bladder was full,I then ended the session there.

I’m a bit disappointed the shaking didn’t continue when I changed things up a little bit, like having my legs just flat on the bed, and it has me guessing if I maybe did something wrong or should have done something else. What are your guys thoughts on all this?



  1. Legs shaking to the point of being annoying is part of the process. It’s a good sign. It means your body is feeling something and it’s reacting. Maybe not pleasure yet. But it’s requiring.

    When I had this during my journey, I would get to the point where the shaking was so annoying it was distracting and I would switch to the prone position on my side. FYI. This may go on for weeks. It’s a good sign. It’ll pass soon, and you’ll move to the next stage

  2. this happens to me, i wonder if its from fatigue when its happening as it doesnt feel like its a reaction to pleasure. Would love to know if others have more insight

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