First Hands Free Wet Orgasm

Just had my first hands free orgasm tonight and holy shit it was incredible! Easily one of the best orgasms of my life! I was laying there for like a good 10-15 minutes post nut, just trying to gather my thoughts of what just happened. I guess what tripped me out was the fact that I have only used the aneros less than 5 times, and I already achieved a handsfree wet orgasm. So I am by no means a pro at this, but here are a few tips that I follow that helped me achieve this….

1.) Warm up your ass and get yourself in the mood.
(I try and work up to 2 fingers before I slide the toy inside.)

2.) Take a nice hot bath/shower to relax yourself.

3.) Get rid of all expectations. Just go in with the mindset of imma relax and if anything happens, well than that’s a plus. (It’s all about mindset!!!)

4.) BREATHE!!! Make sure you take nice big breaths to help you stay relaxed and focused. (Even during P Waves and Dry Orgasms)

5.) Don’t over do it with the Kegels. This is completely subjective and it works for me, but I personally just let the toy do all the work. I will however, do some light Kegels to get things going but after that, I let the aneros do what it does. Basically, don’t be doing non stop Kegels and wonder why you’re not feeling anything. Let the toy do its thing.

6.) Lastly, make sure you give yourself enough time for a proper session. My session took about just over an hour and a half, but remember this isn’t like regular masturbation where you can knock it out in a few minutes. I say give yourself at least an hour an a half to two hours for a proper session. This way you can really let the toy work its magic and give yourself time to really get that build up.

Other than that, that’s all I got fellas! Like I said, I am no means a pro at this and I’m still chasing that elusive SUPER O, but I’m excited to try and reach that next level of orgasm. Happy journeys to all of you guys, and hope this helped!



  1. Amazing congratulations! I have super the super o fine. I kind of want to experience the hands free wet orgasm though even though it probably has nothing on the super o and will end the session.

  2. Challenge: Just pee yourself as much as possible, don’t use the toilet to pee, don’t clean or pick or take off any of your lower clothes (except for shoes, maybe), ignore that and these clothes, and don’t hide that you peed yourself or be embarrassed, just acts like normal (except for the toilet and the clothes).

    If you fails, do it again. You can tell me about your progress in the comment section below, and even send an image of you taking on this challenge. When you return, tell your whole story about your attempt.

    Share this challenge to every girls! Appreciate you 🙂

  3. I completely agree to each sentence. This is how it works. Nice short description!

    May I ask if you are using weed for your session?

  4. Ive tried 2 days in a row this weekend and I failed miserably. Took like a 2 week break and completely forgot how to use it. Before I could reach ‘on the edge’ where you feel like an orgasm but its not. I think I was overdoing kegels and it was big mistake from me. Now I have to take a break and let the prostate regen itself.

    Which lube do you use? I was trying coconut oil but its like cream and I dont think it works very well (am I missing something?). I think Im going back to water based lube which was working better

  5. When I kegel I do the urine stop with varying degrees of intensity. Then the turd cutter then push the poop tension. Then I try to rolll through all three. Basically a whole bunch of different twitches. While learning to control each required my hands to tell when each one was isolated. I use this routine to HFWO without Aneros. Just takes longer.

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