Body is shaking but no feeling?

Hello, I need some advice on what happened yesterday.

I got my aneros helix syn years ago and i’ve been experimenting with the help available on reddit. Yesterday was the furthest i’ve gotten I think and my biggest milestone.

Roughly one hour in my whole body was heavily shaking involuntarily as described by many guys as part of the super O, however I had no pleasureable feelings when this occurred. It looked like I was possessed by some evil spirit lol, my legs was spazzing all over the place and my hips were trusting up and down.

I do feel super relaxed and warm, like im in a deep meditation, but mostly I don’t feel much. Will this grow in time or am I forgetting something?


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  1. This is a good sign. This means your body is reacting. Legs shaking is actually an involuntary. It’s not the one you’re looking for, but it’s a start. This may go on for a while. I had shaking body for about 2months. Then it went away and the next step started, which was targeted pleasure.

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