I’m a guy in my early 20s and pretty new to the aneros and currently have the helix Syn trident and progasm. I get good feelings for the first few minutes in my session and then everything seems to end from there. I get up to a point where my legs will start to shake like crazy and my dick will be hard but I really don’t get any feelings. Usually I jerk and cum at the end of my sessions which feel so much better and I know a lot of guys do to it end. I was just looking for advice and if anyone could help me reach the super o. Please feel free to dm me



  1. Same happens to me. My legs start to shake, I start to breathe really fast and deep. But I don’t feel any pleasure at all. It’s kinda frustrating.

  2. The same used to happen to me, just keep at it. I have gotten to the point where now my dick shakes now and that is when I am getting the pleasure. Specifically hold your pc muscle, try different strengths to see what works for you

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