Still finding new levels of pleasure!

Last night I spent a few hours with my Eupho Syn. I am accustomed now to getting pleasurable sensations almost immediately upon insertion. In fact, even pulling out my toy bag the anticipation of a session can start the mini Os before insertion.

I’ve had a bunch of Super Os in the past several months but last night I was hit with something new.

Already having had a couple hours of ecstasy, the pleasure was not relenting even after multiple Super Os of maybe 10-15 second duration and several hand-assisted wet orgasms along the way.

I noticed a different pressure suddenly build at one point late in the game and it was uncomfortable unlike most sensations I get from the toys. I didn’t have long to ponder the discomfort, though, because within moments I felt like a balloon was quickly being inflated inside my ass and the uncomfortable pressure turned directly into the most intense full body experience I’ve ever had. From head to toe I was on fire and filled with electricity for several minutes straight. I could barely even breathe and was worried I would pass out or have cardiac arrest from how direct and intense the pleasure was! I think the duration was limited only by how long I could hang on before falling apart.

I’m in awe of the possibilities with these simple devices! Just when I thought I’d reached the peak experience, I level up again!



  1. Damn that’s so good and I’m so happy for you!I’m only just starting out on this journey, butt feels like miracle to know our bodies are capable of this – even just the new, subtle and unique sensations I’ve felt in my two sessions.

  2. Congrats man. Mind sending some of those pleasure waves my way? It’s been 10+ years! 😅

  3. It’s true that it’s just incredible to know that you’ve just felt the best of pleasure and that this level will be exceeded again in the sessions to come!

  4. I picture the aneros buried to the neck I think about the tridents are engineerd to move lateral as well as in out and how it is atually working.I speak things like let it go let it go don’t fight it over and over,Yes yes im cumming im cumming just let it cum thats good just let it cum.PHEW im getting the twitches just writng this.

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