1. Reverse levels helped me. Basically kinda “push” almost as if you are trying to pee. That helped me relax the muscles more.

  2. My last session was a little break through, in that it was my second time inducing the involuntary’s with the mindgasm .net lesson 2. I always wait till I can barely feel any discomfort from the aneros while contacting with lots of reverse kegels and lube. I drink plenty of water before my session and while im waiting for my butt to relax I do some meditation to bring the awareness inwards and focus on the energy moving around my body which is very relaxing and enjoyable. After that I started the lesson and by the 2nd involuntary I started feeling a very slight tingling excitement building like raw horny-ness just bubbling deep inside. Never felt that before so it was a very enjoyable session but it didn’t last long as after about 7 involuntary’s I struggle to do any more without completely tensing my entire body.

    My first session doing it I didn’t feel anything so just keep having regular sessions and hopefully you’ll start seeing some results.

    Good luck

  3. It’s worth doing some ‘mindfulness meditation’ practice, I’m relatively new to meditation myself. There’s plenty of good resources on the internet for free but really focus on what your feeling under the surface, like when you feel adrenaline or in love but much more subtle. Once you can get your mind calm and can feel the very subtle energies around your body, you can move on to meditating while masterbating (no porn as this will get you excited and lustful and you’re meditation will just become fantasizing and chasing ejaculation, just use lube and relax with a clear head, eyes closed just focusing on the energy and pleasure you feel). Start slow and build up, trying to notice the difference stages of arousal. You’ll notice sexual energy is much easier to feel swirling around and buzzing. It’s worth trying to insert the aneros after getting very aroused although this method hasn’t worked for me but there are lots of accounts. You should be hypersensitive to every little twinge now which is a much better way of entering your session and just notice all the feelings, don’t try to manipulate them, just acknowledge and observe them. I personally prefer to start super relaxed and build up as the pleasure you get from the prostate is so different than physical sensation you get from the penis.
    Good luck

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