1. I’ve had better luck with no audio or video stimulations, if there is back ground noise I maybe put on some white noise to drown it out.

  2. Although I can typically have great sessions when watching porn, my best sessions are always purely audio based. I’ve had amazing results getting high (legal here) and listening to Hypnaerosession. Lately, I’ve been listening to erotic hypnosis. I find u/kinkyshibby to be very good. She has [one file](https://soundgasm.net/u/kinkyshibby/F4M-Super-O-SLUT-HypnosisProstate-PlayHFOAnerosFdomSpankingStereoBinauralsTrainingConditioningLong) specific to aneros which works very well for me.

  3. Yeah ambient music usually works for me, something very relaxing works even better. Nothing beats live audio with someone else who is riding tho. You’ll feed off of each other and it just works

  4. There’s a video series called “ifeelmyself,” I strip off the audio, and listen to those.

  5. I like r/tantragoddess888 for HFO. Haven’t tried combining my aneros with it, but it just arrived today so cut me some slack 🙂

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