Advice needed to help attempting the Super O.

So it feels like I’m literally going no where with my aneros helux syn trident. Been going at it since around late may this year. I stopped chasing after about 2 months.
I’m aware from what I’ve read that some achieve it easily and others take years. I dont do weed or poppers which from what I’ve read helps alot of guys. I go into every session expecting nothing but just enjoy what I feel, and its getting me no where. As I said I enjoy what I feel but its same sensations everytime.

I do get great sensations. I practice both “relax & do nothing” and tug of war, well i try to practice them.

What are some of the techniques that guys have used that gets them over that line??

And how important is breathing, Ive read heavy and fast, deep and slow. I know everyone is different because I’ve read around.

I also practise kegals at least everyday to every second day.



  1. Read all you can, I’m sure you do it already. I think it’s just a question of patience. Progress are done in stages and it is sometimes frustrating to stay at one level for several weeks.

  2. There is a very strong relationship between mindfulness and the progress that people make with prostate play. It also seems that younger people do better which probably relates to the fact they have neglected their bodies and minds less.

    When I started prostate play and began experiencing pleasurable sensations, I realised they were not new feelings, but I used to experience similar feelings in my teens.

    I would strongly recommend meditation before a session, but more importantly on a regular basis. I meditate every day and it’s really helped with controlling my mind and listening to my body on this journey. This is why weed works so well, it let’s the mind chill out and all your bodily sensations seem heightened.

  3. I’ve been there, and it’s frustrating. Unfortunately, I don’t know I have a magic-bullet piece of advice.

    The one thing I will say is that frame of mind is everything. From what you’ve written you’re aware of this, but something to consider: the fact that you’ve written this post means you have some degree of frustration towards the entire process, and that’s a hard thing to block out when you try a new session. It can cause you to get deterred early in a session and, in my experience, that can lead to downplaying the session when you arrive at more-of-the-same feelings as past sessions.

    I’d recommend taking some time off – a couple days, week tops – and then have a few sessions where you set an intention just to reach the current level of progress. To reinforce this, once you’ve gotten there and had a certain amount of fun but could probably go on for a bit longer, instead intentionally stop. It would be like a runner who starts feeling tired after 1 mile, who knows he could get to 2 miles, but chooses to end early at 1.5 miles.

    This will help build a more positive foundation upon which to “go in without expectations” (which if we’re being honest is really hard to do because no one isn’t trying to get a super O, ammirite?!?!).

    Ultimately for me, the thing that took me over the edge was… a bit of a mystery. I actually had come onto here and posted a similar post asking for help, and that night it just clicked. And it wasn’t anything anyone said, per se, because I didn’t have the same success in many, many subsequent sessions even when I followed the advice I received in that post to the letter. That why my advice is less on what to do and more on mindset – it’s so important, and hard to achieve even when we know of its importance and try.

    Other tips: weed is key for me I’m afraid, and whilst I’ve seen others say it’s possible without and I truly believe that to be true, I’m almost never able to achieve anything without it (probably that’s a state of mind thing). Try getting yourself horny first by scrolling porn, and do a combo of traditional kegels and general prostate contractions to get horny ahead of your sessions. I like to do that downstairs on the couch with something mindless on YouTube in the background. And if you feel pleasure from your prostate doing that, consider trying an a-less sesson: no toy, just playing with your prostate through contraction, which can build to pleasure in surprising ways.

    Most of all, stick at it, try to manage your thinking, and good luck brother. It’s worth it in the end, whenever that may be.

  4. I’m not to a super O yet, but I can tell you what halts my progress:

    1) Trying to force my way there. I’ll start out with no expectations and just letting the session unfold before me. However, somewhere in the session I unconsciously start forcing things.

    2) Not sticking to one technique. I tend to start out with one technique to try using for a session, but when that doesn’t work, I find myself jumping back and forth between various techniques.

    3) Letting my sessions run too long in the hope that I’ll stumble onto a super-O. Sometimes I find myself thinking “I’m kind of done trying for today” but I’ll force myself to keep going thinking I might randomly get there.

    4) Trying to squeeze in a session when I probably shouldn’t. My fiancé works part time at home and part time in the office during the pandemic. On the days when she works in the office, I have to try to squeeze in some time for a session when my work allows. I usually end up totally distracted, but this is the only alone I’ve been able to get since the pandemic began.

    Good luck!

  5. Tonight I again tried a aless-session. My dick kept twitching and my kegelmuscles contracted but I oonly had a slight warm feeling…. how do I start from here?

  6. If you look at my post history you might find some info, but from your description you may have already seen that stuff. Beyond that I would say don’t set any expectations.

  7. All of these comments are good advice, but I just want to add my thoughts.

    Massage your prostate using the muscle, massage it until it swollen and fail proof.

    I managed to achieve prostate orgasm (no super-o yet) by doing 8 hours session a day (with rest in between of course). I just focus on keep grinding (massaging the prostate). On the end of first day I can feel the prostate is swollen and nice.

    On the second day I do another 8 hours session, on last session, I listen Hypnoaerosession, which is I listened multiple times in the past without success. But this time, somehow it success. So logically I need to put my prostate on fire first by doing those 2 x 8 hours sessions.

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