What to do when you feel like youve hit a wall?

Ive been using my aneros on and off for probably over half a year now, but have been using it much more frequently in recent months. Lately the biggest progress ive made is getting to the point of my legs start shaking, but thats it, I dont feel anything when they do shake or anything that makes it more of an annoyance. People have told me to keep at it, that its normal not to feel anything, and to just keep doing the usual because things will slowly improve.

That was maybe 5 sessions ago with no improvements so far, if anything the only improvement I had was slightly changing my position so theres more pressure on the prostate, or at least I think thats what is happening. I did get a very mild amount of some feeling today, that felt like a sort of warmth coming from my prostate, but I dont think it was anything noteworthy as it only lasted for about 10 seconds and then wouldnt come back.

Im almost starting to believe a lot of the stories are exaggeration or something because it seems the *majority* of users are in the same boat as me or have had very little happen to them. Right now my aneros is feeling like an expensive piece of plastic, I wish I could get better results or know that im actually making progress but im just frustrated at this point because its taking up hours of my day each time I do it. Any tips on how I can keep making progress?

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  1. Patience and experience. I think these are the only two things you need to progress. As for stories and exaggerations, I can only say that I have never had as much sexual pleasure as I have since I started using Aneros.

  2. It sounds like you might be frustrated. I’m a grinder by nature. I work and work and work and I persevere until I solve the problem and only then do I move on. However, sometimes, I get too bogged down in the details and I just can’t figure out how to fix things. I need to pull myself back, take a break and relax so I see with clarity again. Once I’m good to go again, I usually find myself able to progress. Give that a try and see if that helps you.

    Also, you didn’t give any details about what exactly you are doing and how you are using the Aneros. It could be something there that is causing you to stagnate.

    While I haven’t been able to get to a super O yet, I’ve gotten glimpses of the pleasure and I can assure you that there is something very real with the Aneros.

  3. I understand this frustration, I was stuck with trembling and flexing for almost 6-7 years before finding something new. What I can suggest is to stop searching for a big success, but look for smaller signs of pleasure.

    It was only when I started really focusing on my meditation and mindfulness, as well as trying to really isolate and understand the difference between my PC and anal muscles that I started feeling something new. The smallest movements actually can cause more pleasure than a huge squeeze. I hope some of this helps.

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