First time aneros user with Helix Trident—felt some good sensations but only if I clenched quite a bit. Do I need a bigger toy?

This is my first time using an aneros, but not my first time stimulating my prostate. I’ve only ever done it with a finger before but decided to take the plunge and get a toy.

And I was actually surprised to find how light the “touch” was when the aneros was in compared to using my finger. I feel like I need more pressure on my prostate to feel it, and really only felt some clear sensations when I would contract my PC muscle very tightly.

Should I stick with the helix or maybe get a progasm?



  1. Aneros takes time. The fact you were able to feel something from your first session is really impressive. At the beginning of my Aneros life I also thought I needed a bigger Aneros since I was pretty used to bigger toys and Dicks.

    But it’s not about the size, it’s how long it takes for the Aneros to sit right by your prostate. It sounds you’re in a great direction but try not to force it so much. The biggest orgasms will come when you least expect.

  2. Seconded.

    It’s like trying to coax a scared animal to you. You chase it, it runs away. You need to let it get comfortable with you on its own terms and then it will come to you.

  3. No, you need to fully relax physically & mentally. You also need to begin as aroused as possible. Remember prostate stimulation is not like rubbing one out. You can’t force a prostate orgasm like a traditional penile orgasm. This will take you a bit of time. Its worth it though. Please read fully the aneros wiki if you haven’t. It will really help you. I would stick with Helix . It’s a great toy for a beginner. I still use mine.. That’s how good it is.Good luck. 🙂👍

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