1. Yep it’s safe. Oils are generally safe with silicone toys but not with condoms / latex. Stay away from mineral oils though – they may cause cancer.

    The problem with oils is, that they are not thick and viscous like most water based lubes. Depending on personal taste, that may feel weird and uncomfortable.

    But you can thicken them up by adding 5-10% bees wax or another fat/oil which stays solid at higher temperatures, like sheabutter. A popular recipe is 60/40 coconut-shea mix.

    If you don’t own a lube shooter, you may consider making yourself suppositories by freezing small portions of your oil mix in a suitable icecube-tray (they come in all shapes and sizes nowadays). You can insert them w/o making a mess since they only start to melt inside you. Also, you don’t have to re-lube during a session.

    Be prepared for occasional leaking (put a towel under), since oil stains the sheets.

  2. Yep. I’ve used it with the Aneros and also while having anal with my fiancé.

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