Prostate further “in” than average?

Hey everybody. I’d count myself as having a lot of anal experience (started inserting “stuff” at around 14….). No 28 I got more and more interested into the hands-free orgasm thing and bought an Aneros Helix Syn last year. It did nothing, not very little but nothing. Using a proper dildo I can clearly feel a nice sensation but the Helix Syn doesn’t…. reach?

I bought a cheap knocking prostate vibrator (Rebel something) thinking that I might reach but not “hit” the spot. Still nothing. Dildo still works fine.

How common is it to not reach the prostate with such toys?

Also, any recommendations for “longer” toys?



  1. I thought the same, especially after I tried to “find it” with my fingers… but I really can’t say I found it. This really bothers me.

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