Keep going (motivation if you’re still chasing an O)

Hi guys,

Ive had an aneros helix syn for about 9 months and used it probably about 9 times or so. Used a cheaper prostate massager before with no results.

I’ll be honest I have had mixed results. Sometimes it feels great and responsive, other times ive not felt much at all. I’ve also got a small 6 inch dildo which I have had some great results with and naturally I thought maybe my prostate is located ‘deeper’ inside me that the aneros can’t reach.

Last weekend, I had a bath, relaxed, smoked a bit of weed and put on [this]( I lubed myself up, prepared myself and just went with it. About 50 mins in I started feeling something building within. My heart rate increased, my legs started cramping and I began bucking my hips (and moaning like a bitch). I was quite high and, the closest I can think of is it felt like I was having a panic attack but the best possible version. I was completely out of control and couldn’t believe my body was reacting this way.

I tried to breathe through and ride it out but it came and went. Over the course of 70 mins I had another few waves of this but never felt like I was going to have a dry O (but got very close).

I ended up riding my dildo and cumming from traditional masturbation but it felt fucking incredible.

Long story short, if you are feeling annoyed you’re not getting there, keep at it. I’ve found my hobbies of meditation and yoga have definitely helped. Relax, try and let go and go with it. Focus on the feelings, clench/unclench and breathe through it.


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  1. After like 12 years of trying and use, I’ve just accepted that some people just aren’t able to achieve this. Or if it does happen, it happens. I no longer believe literally everyone can have this experience and I am ok with it.

    Honestly there is a bit of envy, especially when testimonies and experiences are described but I’m more happy that men are opening up to this type of play and pleasure.

    I just think I was a bit overly convinced by the extremes some men can achieve and wanted it myself. But no, I may not and many others do not achieve such experiences even after years of trying. But we do experience some nice pleasures of our own, even if it’s a .00001% of the strength of the men who super orgasm.

  2. For the people that struggle with this… take the pressure off and stop trying to have one. Just enjoy it for what it is. It reminds me of when I was much younger before I had ever experienced a normal orgasm. At that time (and I was about 10 yrs old) I didn’t even know of the sensation or that anything like the normal orgasm could happen in the first place (so I had no expectations.). All I knew at that time is that I kept on rubbing cause it felt really good… finally when it did hit, I completely fell off of the bed. So with playing with your Aneros, do the exact same thing…. keep playing and rubbing cause it just feels good. Whether you have a Super O or not… doesn’t matter. It feels amazing just getting there whether you cum or not.

  3. I’m 6 years in, not had an orgasm as of yet.

    I like the feel of it in my butt.

    I’m carrying on.

    But I get discouraged at times.

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