Not able to reach point of release

I made some great progress today, I smoked some weed and played around for a few hours. The feelings were simply amazing, I’ve never felt anything like this before, I feel like I go to another dimension of pleasure. The buildup is incredible, and I am always able to get to a point of insane tension and p-waves, however I’m unable to go over that ‘edge’, and there is no release as with a normal orgasm. It’s quite frustrating because I am always at the point just before orgasm, and it’s like having to stop just before you cum during a regular orgasm but 100x stronger. Anyone also experienced this, and how did you get over the edge?



  1. !RemindMe 1 day

    I’m in the same situation and I’m curious to hear what advice you get.

  2. Is it possible you are too “traditional orgasm” minded looking for an edge and release? I wish I had this “problem” of unending pleasure that keeps building. That in itself is the orgasm in my opinion just endlessly getting stronger. An ejaculation builds to a point and drops off no more orgasm. But this sounds like what the goal is.

    Maybe I’m wrong, especially since I’ve been trying so long with little results but just a thought to consider.

  3. The common answer is to abstain for a few days from the weed, sessions, or both. Works for some, sometimes. Others, sometimes not. Or they say to just let go and let it happen on its own. For many guys, that last jump requires direct cock stimulation. Those methods are great if they work for you. But if they don’t, consider these ideas:

    Make small adjustments to your contractions, pace, or rhythm.

    Practice shifting from one specific contraction/pace to another in mid session.

    Use only audio erotica with headphones.

    Look at types or themes of visual erotica that you normally wouldn’t consider. Have this material ready before your session to avoid killing the mood with a mid session search.

    Use music with a strong steady beat that is close to your heart rate, like 60 or 90 bpm.

    Try different positions and locations in your house, the bath, the floor, the stairs, the couch, and depending on your neighbors maybe the patio.

    Try silicone cock-and-ball rings or ball stretchers to increase physical tension on your junk.

    Try meditation style sessions with trance music or a guiding voice of some sort.

    Use a clothespin or binder clip on your nipple.

    Try a morning session if you usually play at night or vice versa.

    Try having a really strong workout earlier in the day.

    Practice building and living sexual fantasies in your mind during your session. Take note of what makes you tingle or flush as you fantasize.

    Put your toy in and go for a long walk before your session, see if contractions and the walking motion can press the toy on your prostate as you go down the street. Try to not make faces.

    During your session, press on the nerve cluster in your perineum with another toy like the Pure Wand or a small vibe or even just a couple of fingers.

  4. Releasing the pc muscles is key , let go of the clench and kind of fall into a relaxed state where your not trying to fight it. Eventually your pc muscles will be so tired that it should just let go.

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