For the guys curious about anal performance after Aneros

I’ll be having a sex marathon next week for five days.

That’s how hungry I have been.

I’m planning to play with my Aneros before all sex sessions to see if it enhances the prostate during anal sex. Will make sure to keep you guys updated here…


2 comments on “For the guys curious about anal performance after Aneros

  1. Alright boys.
    I played with my Aneros for about an hour. Then I started to get fucked by dicks. On the third dick, don’t know if it was because of Aneros before or the dick girth… I had the shivers all over my body, started to make uncontrollable piggy sounds, nipples extremely wired abs shaking on top of the cock. So yes. It does help anal. I guess the prostate becomes more sensitive so it’s easier to get there. I almost got a full super O. Got really really close.

    Will continue my journey this week. Will update more


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