1 Year In: More Questions than Answers.

Hi everyone,

I’ve been lurking for a while and just wanted to share my experience so far with Aneros. I purchased my Helix a year ago and my journey started soon after. I’ll be honest, the first month was…. disappointing. After reading so much I just got caught up in the idea of the Super-O and never got so much as a flutter of pleasure (I had involuntaries and some other feelings of warmth etc). After that I turned to relaxing and clearing my mind and things have gotten substantially better. Here are a few mile stones.

1. My first “breathless moment” (December 2019)
2. A 10 mins of out of body experience (Jan 2019)
3. My first involuntary moan (March 2019)

Kinda fell off the wagon after that, trying to work towards using more often when I feel the call.

Most of my sessions start with slipping in my helix, letting it find its spot and then using the do nothing approach. I always find the familiar pattern of: arousal and aneros movement, erection, pulsing erection, loss of erection, pressure in prostate, and that’s as far as I’ve gotten. It’s very nice and lets me have big regular Os after the session but I’m looking for tips. I think my biggest thing is finding the state of arousal and not being to nervous about the Super-O (normally my heart is pounding).

Any people with more or less experience than me feel free to weigh in, it’s nice to just chat with other users.

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  1. Could you please describe the breathless experience? Dont think i had that in 6 years of trying. Was it pleasurable?

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