Hello everyone, is this normal? (Bloated/Pressure Feeling In Abdomen)

I am pretty new to prostate play and was directed to this sub from r/ProstatePlay. A couple days ago, I was using a normal size dildo trying to stimulate the prostate. I kept hitting a spot that was both pleasurable and made me have to pee slightly. Anyway, afterwards I felt very bloated and like there was a pressure in my abdomen. I’ve had some weird feelings in my abdomen as well (mainly toward the left side) although I wouldn’t call this pain, it’s too mild. I’ve pooped multiple times since the session a couple days ago, and my stool looks normal but I feel bloated and slight pressure in my abdomen still. I was very worried of extreme cases such as colon perforation and what not after reading on google (I know, I know, google shouldn’t be used to look up your symptoms). But like I said, I haven’t really had any pain, just a bloated pressure, gassy feeling (I can hear gas bubbles moving around constantly), and overall uncomfortable feeling in my abdomen. Has anyone experienced this with anal play? Should I be worried or will it most likely pass? Thanks for all you’re time!

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/aneros/comments/jgur7e/hello_everyone_is_this_normal_bloatedpressure/

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  1. Usual precursor, this is not medical advice. I have something called CPPS, chronic pelvic pain syndrome. It can involve prostate pain/pain that feels like it’s the prostate, which is how I came across aneros to begin with as they were originally developed as medical prostate massagers. I’ve had a bit of a flare from using the aneros and ejaculating a lot. I’ve had feelings of pressure below my bladder, including the bubbly wind feelings: I last used an aneros about a month ago and the pressure feeling has faded a lot. For me, it’s just from aggravating the area, which is already sensitised to begin with. I’m quite certain I didn’t cause anything like a perforation tbh, didn’t even cross my mind and I don’t think I’d be getting better if I did. It’s probably pelvic floor and/or prostate.

    Again this is not medical advice, talk to a doctor if you are worried, but if it’s the pelvic floor, this stretching routine should help:


    Maybe take a break until these sensations go away. What you’re doing is called catastrophising – coming to the worse case scenario. This magnifies pain. In fact that can actually kick off a pain condition to begin with as the nervous system becomes over sensitised to the pain and switches onto constant alert. My non-medical advice? Chill out, don’t obsess. Stop reading google. Take some hot baths, do the stretches. Don’t tense up in response to any discomfort, let your pelvic floor relax and take a break until you feel better – starting slowly when you return.

    As long as the pain/discomfort improves to where it seems like it will go away entirely, you don’t have anything to worry about.

    But if you are bothered – go to a doctor. I can’t allay all your fears and I can’t give you medical advice.

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