Prostate Massage Awareness

Just a heads up. I started using Aneros and getting into Super-O sessions about 6 years ago. Had the awakening, full body orgasms, and reached very high states of pleasure with this device. However, one night back in 2016, I was having a session, and I felt a sharp pain in my prostate area, after that, I immediately went numb, both my prostate and my penis. Ever since that day I am unable to feel sexual pleasure in my penis or in my prostate. I can still get an erection and still cum, but it doesn’t feel good like it used to before my injury. Basically it feels like I am strapped with a dildo to myself. I can feel my penis by touch, but not sensation. I cannot feel hot or cold, and I cannot feel pleasure when I am inside of a woman. It truly has been a traumatic 4 years for me. My interactions with women are very few now because although I am aroused, I just can’t feel it. My guess is that it went in too deep and hit a nerve back there. Went to doctors, and they told me that those nerves are very sensitive, and they are like spinal nerves and they do not heal. Anyway, I just wanted to share my experience and say to be careful with this toy. I love aneros, and I love the feelings it gave me, as well as how much it opened my mind. I blame myself for being to careless with it and allowing it to happen.



  1. Wow. I’m so sorry to hear that happened to you. Do you feel you were overly rough at all? Do you feel like there were any warning signs leading up to this?

  2. The Aneros is long or big enough to do damage? A lot of people stick a lot bigger things in their ass and don’t get this. Is it the shape or something?

  3. So I use a Progasm Ice and wondering what actually caused this. It’s the first time I’ve heard this and it’s kinda freaked me out. We’re you clamping really hard on it or was it pushing against the surface you were lying on while in use?
    Do you still get pleasure from nerve endings in your anus or rectum?
    Any other info you have would be great. Sorry to hear that happened.

  4. It seems unlikely that the cause of this was because of how deep the massager was, or because of your position. There are many guys who do very deep anal play and don’t experience this kind of effect. I wonder if it was some sort of preexisting nerve imbalance or something, that got triggered by the Aneros? I wonder if a good chiropractor might help, since they can help the nerves by healing subluxations. Anyway, don’t lose hope man, there are many holistic modalities out there in the world. You may be able to find pleasure again. Good luck.

  5. Reading this makes me think to stop trying to use my aneros toy…

    Have tried it like once.

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