I’ve had a Helix Sun for about 6 months now, using it decently regularity but I have yet to experience a super o or really anything super pleasureable minus a few good rides here and there.

I was wondering if anyone has any other aneros recommendations that may bring me over that edge? Losing a lot of my desire to keep pursuing this.



  1. I’m in Canada where weed is legal. I recommend having some if you can where you are. It likely will help. Also try the insert and hold method…. put it in and squeeze about 75% of all the way to your max squeeze. Hold it for 2 mins and slowly release…then contract the same way again. LOL I was at it for about a year… however I was getting pleasure from it from day one. But it is like your prostate awakens in a way. Not sure but if that doesn’t work, maybe another Aneros toy… Progasm or Progasm Jr maybe.

  2. I have both the Aneros SGX and the Helix. So far I’m able to get super O with my SGX. I think it has to be my height because whenever I use the SGX it always hit the right spot.

  3. I started with the Helix Trident (white model not Syn) and since purchased a Progasm and a Eupho Trident. At first I was surprised that they weren’t drastically different in size (length width etc). But having used them they definitely feel different.

    Helix is a great go-to. It’s not too big (Progasm) and not too small/subtle (Eupho). The Progasm definitely “hits the spot” but I find the orgasms to be different and less intense than the Helix. The Progasm seems to work by having “presence” inside me vs the Helix/Eupho move a lot more. The Eupho is great but it’s thin enough that I need to be turned on enough to really feel anything.

    So, if you want size and fullness, try the Progasm. If you want more subtle movements, try the Eupho.

  4. The Tempo (read the instructions!) is what tipped me over the edge. After that I was able to go back to my old toys (Helix never did much for me) like the MGX and Progasm and Eupho and have orgasms.

    Spend 4-6 sessions with a Tempo.

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