Help me pick the right one

Hey group.

I’m on a quest to get an Aneros. I currently have a NJoy wand, a few plugs and a few dildos. I can take the big end of the wand with no issues and have handled some big dildos and some pretty big cucumbers and zucchini. I do love the full feeling of a big toy but don’t necessarily need it for prostate work. I find ass fucking and prostate play are completely different things. Mostly I’m after the prostate play but occasionally I do like a good fucking. I don’t like vibration on the my prostate just pressure and rubbing. I have been doing Kegels with a great app for about 2 months now and can really clamp down on the wand so I think they are strong enough to use the Aneros affectivity. With that said, which Aneros do you recommend and why?

Thanks for your help,